Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I know, just spank me

Yes, I haven't posted in two months. It's shameful! I really want to take time out of my day to tell you all what I've been doing and more importantly, what I've been buying, but it's been a crazy summer. Not because I have taken any time off or been sipping on pina coladas, but because work has sucked. Here's a sampling:

*I had to lay off one of my staff members because of a company reorganization.
*I then had to hire someone from another department and train them.
*I had to buy a new car (Not really a bad thing. Just time consuming. Love my new Volvo.)
*I had to program the educational portion of a conference my company is putting on.
*Needed to stress out about conference we are putting on because only two people have signed up yet and its less than three months away.
*The keynote speaker for said conference has been called a "fraud" by some participants.
*I fear I may get fired.
*I've been looking for another job.
*I've been working my tail off and I am paid much less than the men in the office.
*I haven't been shopping as much as I normally do. (Partially due to the new Volvo.)
*I had to go to "hot as hell" Orlando.

I think that about sums it up. My focus on fashion has just not been there lately. I haven't even been excited about Banana's summer line. Or its fall preview. Or the fact that they are offering some of the monogram pieces in petite.

With all of this in mind, I am taking a much needed break. I'm off to Arizona on Saturday for some sun, yoga, relaxation, golf and cocktails. I hoping to return back to old form, with lots of fashion excitement to share.

But we'll see.