Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh, my favorite!

I guess I should tell you first that I love classics. I don't really wear anything that is too trendy — you have to throw it out in a season anyway. Because I am a professional I tend to stick with merino wool v-necks and turtlenecks, cashmere, cotton shirts. (I love any button down that has a sheen to it.) But I do love color. I was trapped in the "black is my best friend" mode for a bit too long but this year its about maroons, vibrant blues, purples and deep greens. I am so looking forward to spring because white pants look great with green (see photo.)
I also love dresses — I think they are so easy to wear if you can find the right length. I am on the search for the perfect spring dress — one that is age appropriate (I am 31, not 16 anymore. More on my pet peeves later.)

Anyway, I'm getting off base a bit. Here are my favorite retailers, but as always they are subject to change at a moment's notice.

*Banana Republic. I own almost every piece of Banana's petite line (it's a wonder my husband has stayed with me). The clothes are timeless and beautifully made.
I've noticed over the past year that BR has lengthened the inseam on its petite pants, but that's OK. As a petite you have to love your tailor. Anyway, BR is my mother ship, enough said.

*J.Crew. This is my fall back store. Their clothes tend to be a bit too preppy for my taste but their suits are beautiful. I have my eye on a slate grey one right now with a cute skirt. Two things I hate though: J.Crew's petite line is only available online and you have to order one size up for petites. I know it's only a number but ...

*Jeans. I love jeans. They are my weekend/night wardrobe. Right now I don't have a particular favorite. I have AG jeans in The Club in 3 am and Emerald in the short inseam and they fit great. But over the last year they stopped making the short inseam (a local store owner told me they didn't sell well.) But 7 for all mankind and Paige Premium Denim now have petites/short inseams. I love both of those lines and am desperate for a new pair of each.

*Shoes. Once again, Banana Republic. Love their shoes. I always wear heels because I do like feeling two inches taller, regardless of the fact that I am trying to trick myself. Anyway, their shoes are great and still relatively affordable. I just can't spend $300 of a pair of shoes, no matter how fabulous they are.

*Coach. I know it has become super mainstream (I see 10-year-old girls carrying Coach purses) but I love the look of them. Some are edgy but still classy and others are just classic. I got a few gift certificates for Christmas so I'll be out looking for my next acquisition soon.

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