Sunday, April 13, 2008

Follow-up on exercise gear

I told you I'd follow up on the Lucy yoga pants I purchased a few weeks back. They didn't arrive until after I got back from Vegas, which is part of the reason I have yet to claim my opinion.

They are made well, are a great comfortable material, BUT are still too long. I am perplexed by this. A 28-inch inseam is the shortest I go with pants — with jeans and other pants I wear a 29-inch.

I put them on after yoga the other day and they were about an-inch too long. I hadn't washed them yet so threw them in there and hope some shrinkage occurred. If not, off to the tailors. Uggghhh ...

Here's my question to you all: Why are low-rise pants always longer than regular-rise pairs? I have always found that if both say they have a 28-inch inseam, the regular rise fits fine, but the low rise is always too long. Can anyone fill me in on the reason?

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