Friday, May 2, 2008

It may be warm, but please ... dress your age.

I know summer and warm temps are just around the corner (it's even warming up here in New England!) and I am ready to break out the warm weather gear. But I have to voice my opinion about one thing: Short shorts.

I know short shorts are supposed to be elongating on us petite girls, but you also have to think about class and age appropriateness. I hate to be a bummer, but I don't think short shorts are made for women past the age of 32, no matter how fabulous your legs are. My friends and I even agree on this (a first) because you can elongate yourself all you want but if you look like a cheap, whore doing so, you haven't accomplished anything.

I won't buy anything shorter than a 4-inch inseam anymore and I will only have one pair of those (the BR shorts below). Bermudas and capris are just as cute, and a heck of a lot more classy than 2-inch inseam, low-rise shorts that leave NOTHING to the imagination.

There's something to be said about picturing yourself at a summer party in the Hamptons with George Clooney before heading out the door. If you wouldn't wear it there, why where it anywhere?

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