Thursday, January 3, 2008

My fashion pet peeves

*Pants that are too short. There is no reason for the people around you to see what color socks you are wearing unless you are wearing peep toes pumps in the winter.

*Pants that are too long. Hey, I know as a petite you are supposed to have your pants reach the floor, but beyond that is just wrong. No dragging, please.

*Rolling pants up, either on the outside or the inside. Get a tailor — especially you, Dad.

*Jean suits. It's fine to wear a suit with the jacket and pants/skirts the same color. Classic! But in no case should these fabrics be denim. Anything acid washed is an extra 50 points off.

*Mom jeans, also known as extremely high-waisted jeans. An ice-cream cone shape pant does not flatter anyone.

This is only a very partial list, more to come later.

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