Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Business attire nightmares

I know this blog is dedicated toward petites but I can't help but take this opportunity to vent about the lack of fashion women in the business world have. I was out at a conference in the Midwest last week and here are the things I still can't believe I saw:

*Cowboy boots with a long skirt and a sweater instead of a traditional suit. Hey, I'm all about switching the suit up for something else — a beautiful wrap dress possibly? (see post below) — but there is no need to look like you just walked off the farm.

*A jean suit with crystal embellishments. I am not kidding. A woman wore this to a meeting (see was the wife of one of the gentleman at the conference so we can give her a bit of a break. A bit ...) I have a photo of her on my cell phone and don't have the heart to post it. She also had really big hair. Yikes!

*Your BlueTooth is NOT an accessory.

I can't tell you how many women I saw last week that have embraced this very very bad habit. If you are not on the phone, take the damn thing off your ear. And if you're not driving or operating some other kind of heavy machinery, why don't you just use the handset? Please, people!

*Sneakers with a skirt. That were never removed. Enough said.

All around it was just a nightmare of bad fashion. One woman, whose outfits scared the crap out of me, ran up to me on the second day and told me how cute and well put together I was. I had to hold back from saying, "If you put some effort in, you could look like this too."

I'm going to be in Las Vegas for another trip in two weeks. I'll make sure to bring my camera this time. I'll be on the watch for good and bad petite fashions.

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