Friday, March 21, 2008

Does tall = sexy?

Ever since the new trailer for Sex and the City: The Movie was leaked at the end of February, I can't wait for it to be released in theaters. I don't go to the movie theater so this is a big deal. May can't come soon enough! Here's a sneak peek:

I read yesterday that Maxim magazine named Sarah Jessica Parker the unsexiest woman in the world last year and she revealed this week that the 'honor' really hurt her feelings. (I'm with her, it would hurt mine too!)

I think SJP is stylish, classy and beautiful — I don't agree with Maxim's take at all. I would list who I think should be on the list, but I don't want to be mean (Clinton, Goldberg, Spears possibly?)

But I wonder if one of the reasons Maxim voted her least sexy was because of her height (she is between 5'3" and 5'4".) What do you all think? Do you have to be tall to be sexy?

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Anonymous said...

i don't think you have to be tall to be sexy but i do feel less sexy when standing next to a tall woman whose legs are up to my neck. i live in NY and sometimes i find myself standing an inch away from some 6ft tall amazon on the subway and i feel like such a shrimp. at times like that i really wish i were taller.