Friday, March 28, 2008

Can't wait for Vegas

I admit most business people HATE going to Vegas — I LOVE it! It's an opportunity to shop (see post below), gamble (love to, even though I really shouldn't throw money away), eat great food at some of the most fabulous restaurants (Social House, Tao, Alize) and drink fantastic cocktails (Social House makes the BEST vodka green tea concoction). It really is about being overindulgent, but since most of my life is filled with restraint — working out, watching what I eat, and being thrifty and responsible — this is a great time to let loose. I'm even staying an extra day to lounge by the pool at The Venetian.

Speaking of restraint, do any of you fellow petite girls out there feel that you have to watch every little thing you eat? Let's be honest, an extra five pounds on a 5 foot tall girl looks like 10 extra pounds. I always feel restrained when it comes to food and I know most women do, but I feel as though it is tougher for us. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I agree! I feel we have to be much more careful with food. Someone taller can hide five pounds, but on me that forces me to go up a size!